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Are you tired of playing chess on-line for hours?

Or playing chess games that look like they were designed for a Commodore 64 instead of an iPhone? We‘ve got the antidote for you. Speedchess is the best designed chessgame and... you can play a game in minutes. More action, more speed and much more fun than ordinary chess.

Speedchess boardgame

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Rules and moves

Traditional chess rules

The only exception is that the Pawn is not allowed to jump two squares at the first move. Played on a 6 x 5 board, with five pawns, and one each of the king, queen, bishop, knight, and rook.

Objective of the game is to checkmate the King as quickly as possible. Checkmate - in simple words - does not mean that you take the King, but that you could capture him and that your opponent can do nothing about it. So in order to checkmate the King you will have to be able to attack him. Your opponent will of course want to defend his King and also want to attack your King. Attacking and defending is done by using the other pieces. You attack or defend by capturing the other pieces.

Capturing is done by putting your piece on the same field as the piece of the opponent. The opponent's piece will subsequently be taken off the board.


The King is allowed to move in any direction, but only 1 field at the time. Like all other pieces, the King can capture other pieces. The King is also allowd to 'castle', which means that the Kind can change places with the Tower in one turn. Condition is however that there are no pieces between the Kind and the Castle.

Another condition is that neither the King nor the Castle has been moved before.


A Horse makes square moves and is the only piece that can jump over other pieces.

The Horse always jumps in the shape of an 'L' in either of the following two ways: 1 field sideways and 2 fields straight, or 2 fields straight and then 1 field sideways.


The Castle is allowed to move as many fields forward, backward or sideways as you want.

The Castle is never allowed to move diagonally. This also applies to capturing.


A Pawn may only move forward 1 field per turn. Never backward.
Only pieces that are diagonally in front of the Pawn may be captured.


The Queen is allowed to move in all directions and as many fields as you want each turn.

However, the Queen is not allowed to jump over other pieces or make square moves like a Horse.


The Bishop is only allowed to move diagonally, as many fields as you want. Forward as well as backward. If the Bishop is on a dark-coloured field for instance, he can never end up on a light-coloured field.

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SpeedChess boardgame, 2 in 1 Game pack for 6+

Two complete chess games - a starter set and a traditional set - in one. With easy-to-follow instructioncards and illustrations to help kids learn the game quickly. Contains a double-sided game board and 32-piece full yellow and blue chess set.

Kids start playing Chess in minutes! Speedchess is the easiest way to learn and play quick. The game board is double sided. Beginners start on junior side of the board, moving one square at a time. Advanced players use the 64-square traditional chess mat on the other side of the board. This chess game is for 6 years old up to adults. Advance as you acquire the skills.